Learn to Read Guitar Tablature with Guitar Tab Tutor App for iOS

Learn to Read Guitar Tablature with Guitar Tab Tutor App for iOS

Professional guitar transcriber Jeff Perrin this week announced the release of Guitar Tab Tutor, a free iOS app designed to teach beginning players how to read and play tablature notation for guitar.

Guitar Tab Tutor is designed to be the ultimate reference guide for any and all techniques you might encounter when learning to play songs on guitar. Accompanying video lessons, available via a single in-app purchase, provide an even greater in-depth look into each technique through visual demonstration and expert performance tips.

Guitar Tab Tutor Features:

  • Comprehensive reference sheet illustrating every TAB technique imaginable for guitar.

  • Accompanying text description on how to perform each technique.

  • A single in-app-purchase unlocks 39 video lessons, each providing an up-close demonstration of all guitar techniques.

  • Taught by Jeff Perrin, an experienced guitar instructor and master transcriber.

Guitar Tab Tutor is available as a free download on the Apple App Store.

More info available at: www.jeffperrinmusic.com

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