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Jeff Perrin is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and has been performing, teaching guitar, and transcribing guitar professionally for 25 years. (Notably, Jeff is a long-time contributor of guitar transcriptions and instructional content for Guitar World magazine.) A tech-savvy musician and self-described Mac addict, Jeff has frequently combined his enthusiasm for music and technology to secure work producing or contributing to various multimedia music projects. It wasn’t until recently, however, that he was able to realize his vision for producing a surround sound multimedia app. “I’ve always dreamed of writing and producing for surround sound audio, but up until recently, the technology and associated start-up costs involving such a project were just too far out-of-reach for the independent musician. Apple’s App Store distribution model, combined with the Apple TV, provides the perfect vehicle for me to deliver my surround sound music to a like-minded audience. I’m really looking forward to bringing them along as I forge new territory in home theater audio entertainment!”


What is "Surround Sound Ear Candy"?

Surround Sound Ear Candy is the debut multimedia app-album from surround recording artist Jeff Perrin. It features a collection of guitar-centric soundscapes and instrumentals, each specifically written and arranged for surround sound playback in the home theater environment. The app provides a rich multimedia experience, full of production details, backstory and studio pics, as well as bonus clips and demo tracks.

What makes Surround Sound Ear Candy unique?

Surround Sound Ear Candy is the first true multichannel surround sound music and entertainment app in the Apple App Store. It is currently the only app to feature music presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

Who is this app for?

Surround Sound Ear Candy is for rock music fans who own an Apple TV connected to a surround sound audio system.

What is the benefit of surround sound for music?

Most commercial music is recorded and produced exclusively for stereo playback (left and right speakers only). With music written and produced for multichannel audio (four or more speakers), the composer can arrange to have specific musical notes, production effects, and even individual instruments emanating from the rear speakers, either exclusively or in conjunction with the front speakers. When writing the music for Surround Sound Ear Candy, composer/producer Jeff Perrin envisioned a musical experience which would take full advantage of these extra speaker channels, effectively turning the listener’s room into an immersive, three-dimensional sound stage.

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