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Surround Sound Ear Candy and Surround Speaker Check apps use standard Apple AirPlay protocols and industry-standard audio and video formats. If you are experiencing trouble playing back the surround sound files, please check the following to make sure your Apple TV connections are indeed working properly;

Surround Sound Tracks not being played / song cover art not appearing on the Apple TV?

1. Check to make sure you have wi-fi connection to your network.

Can Safari connect to web pages on the internet? If yes, continue.

If no, please visit this Apple Support page: (For non-Apple brand routers, please contact the appropriate manufacturer website)

Helpful Tip: Apple's support forums are a good source of help for troubleshooting mac and iOS wi-fi connectivity issues.

2. Check to make sure you have Airplay connection to your Apple TV.

Can you turn on Airplay and stream music or video from the Apple Music or Video apps? If yes, continue.

If no, please visit these Apple Support pages:

Helpful Tip: I've found simply re-starting the AppleTV will clear up persistent Airplay issues. Ways to restart your Apple TV:  

3. Check to make sure your home theater audio is decoding/playing Dolby Digital 5.1 correctly:

Play the Surround Speaker Check track through your Apple TV. Can you hear audio from the corresponding speakers highlighted in blue up on the app or TV screen? If not, please consult with your receiver manual to learn how to enable Dolby Digital playback. (For more info regarding the Surround Speaker Check app function, read "About the App" on the About page in the app.)

Helpful tip: Most audio receivers have built-in functionality (typically utilizing test tones or white noise) for setting up and calibrating surround speakers.


To report problems specific to the current version of the app, (i.e.: crashes or freezing), please send a detailed report of the issue to:

Unfortunately, I will not be able to respond to requests for help regarding wi-fi or Airplay connectivity issues with the Apple TV, or for requests for assistance in trouble-shooting home theater audio. Please see the FAQ on the Info page in the app for suggested sources on dealing with general home theater audio playback issues. Thanks!

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