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Surround Speaker Check v2.0

Is your home theater ready for Dolby Atmos?
Surround Speaker Check image and app download

Enjoy fresh Dolby Atmos content every month!

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Surround Speaker Check

Spatial audio content you won't find anywhere else!

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Surround Speaker Check
New Dolby Atmos support!

Free app lets you determine if your surround sound audio is optimized for streaming movies and TV shows.


Surround Sound Ear Candy
Works with spatial audio!

Rock guitar soundscapes and instrumental tracks produced especially for home surround sound playback. Experience surround sound like never before!


Guitar Tab Tutor

My app for iOS and tvOS teaches beginning guitarists how to read AND play tablature (TAB) notation. Download today for FREE!


Guitar World

I am a regular contributor of guitar tablature sheet music for Guitar World magazine. You can visit the Guitar World website here.

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In this article, we’ll discuss how to test spatial audio on Apple’s AirPods Pro, AirPods Max headphones and new 3rd gen AirPods using Surround Speaker Check app for iOS..... Read more


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