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Vermont Sleep Sounds & Music

High-definition, immersive audio to help you relax and sleep easy.

Now available on the tvOS App Store for Apple TV!

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Nature Sounds

Authentic New England rain, waves, wind, and other nature sounds you won't hear anywhere else. Special options include the ability to toggle thunder on and off.

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Relaxing Music

Ambiance tracks feature a mix of tranquil piano and classical guitar melodies. Perfect for meditation or drifting off to sleep.

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Soothing White Noise

A large selection of fans and white noise machines. Many with multiple configurations such as speed or size.

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Spatial Audio

Support for Dolby Atmos enhances your speaker or headphone experience to help you escape your surroundings.1

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On Apple TV, Dolby Digital surround sound turns your living room or home theater into the ultimate relaxation space!

1Due to a tvOS 14 limitation, surround support for Apple TV is limited to Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

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